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Thieves use the Paris catacombs to steal 300 bottles of Chateau wine

Some 300 bottles of wine were lost in a wine cellar near the Luxembourg Gardens in Sixth District of Paris, French police said recently. Police believe that the theft occurred in the estimated time on Monday or Tuesday, but the Paris prosecutors said later, because the owner is just found the cellar is broken into, events may occur at the end of July to August.
Although the specific stolen what wine has not been announced, but according to French media reports, these 300 bottles of wine are from the CRU (grand), with a total value of about EUR 250 thousand.
The wine cellar is next to the famous catacombs in Paris, where the thieves are clearly aiming at the cellar, and then they run away with the tunnel. The road sign at the top of the tunnel above the catacombs provides a good condition for them to find the exact location of the wine cellar, helping them complete the theft.
In recent years, as the value of some premium wines has gone up, thieves have turned their attention to wine stores by wineries and collectors. A few years ago, the invasion and theft of a series of phenomena of breweries, such as drops of gold (Yquem), BMW manor winery, Chateau SELOSSE (Palmer) (Jacques Selosse).
In 2014, the famous French Wine collector Michel Jack Schussel (Michel-Jack Chasseuil) at his home by a group of gunmen hijacked, trying to attack the cellar, but eventually empty handed, because the cellar installed armored door, and the use of advanced security measures.

Experts are optimistic about the quality of Bulgarian wine this year

The Bulgarian news agency reported, professor and director of north part of the city of Pleven, Pachefu grape growing and winemaking grapes this year, and then Wine will get a good harvest, and the quality is very good.
Pachefu said the dry weather and temperature range, to create a good natural conditions for grape sugar. That’s why grape production and quality are going to be good this year. The quality of wine requires the quality of grapes, that is, the best balance between acidity and sweetness. Pachefu said, the weather is very good, but also for the late Wine brewing laid a good foundation.

Cognac sales and sales for third consecutive years to go high

According to the French Cognac Joint Industry Office (hereinafter referred to as BNIC) report, Cognac exports for third consecutive years has been higher, record sales and sales record.
According to the latest data from 2016/2017 (August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017), the overall sales of Cognac export growth of 10.2%, the total reached 190 million bottles, while the overall sales growth of 15.2%, the total reached 3 billion euros.
Overall, Cognac’s growth in all export markets are global, the strongest growth in the Far East market. To this market, Cognac total reached 53 million 700 thousand bottles last year in sales growth of 10.6%, a 19.4% increase in sales (sales on the increase is the highest in all markets), reflects the market of consumers of high-end boutique degree. China accounted for the greater part of the Far East market exports, sales of about 22 million 600 thousand bottles.
At the same time, the North American Free Trade Area, including the United States and Canada, exports 82 million 100 thousand bottles. Exports in this market grew by 9.3%, an increase of 13.5% on sales, of which the United States was the dominant market, with sales at around 78 million 700 thousand bottles.
The European market is also growing again. BNIC met in the market sales growth of 10.1% and 8.1% sales growth, Cognac exports throughout the region reached 42 million 100 thousand bottles. Growth in the region was driven mainly by Britain and Germany, with sales in the two countries increasing by 3.6% and 22.2% respectively. In addition to Russia and the Baltic countries consumers on Cognac “interest” renewed, Cognac also increase export sales in the two district was, at an impressive 73.2%.

Azerbaijan intends to expand its export of wine to China

The Interfax news agency reported on August 25th, Azerbaijan investment and Export Promotion Fund said the day before, Wine manufacturers gathered in Baku held a meeting to discuss matters relating to expand exports to China Wine. The conference, sponsored by the foundation, has attended more than 10 wine exporters to china.
Earlier, President Aliyev made a speech saying he would significantly increase the number of cognac and wine exports in the short term. In 2016, brandy and wine exports grew by an estimated $17 million 500 thousand, but that was far from enough, and exports were at least 5 times higher. Azerbaijan winery produces an annual capacity of 100 million bottles, but the actual output is only 20-30%. (Business Council of Embassy in Azerbaijan)

The Australian government has actively supported the development of small wineries

Commonwealth of Australia government announced a 50 million Australian dollar support program 28, designed to help small wine manufacturers to expand export channels, as well as enhance the wine producing areas tourism facilities. Australian agriculture minister Joyce believes that this measure will be in the next 5 years to promote Australian wine exports, is expected to total exports from the current 2 billion 300 million Australian dollars increased to 3 billion 500 million Australian dollars. At the same time, it will also Australia famous Wine areas, such as Pakistan Rosa, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley and Margaret Valley and other 40 thousand new visitors.
In the government subsidy policy, a 32 million Australian dollar will be used directly to expand the two largest export markets of Australian wines, namely, China and the United States market. Australian wine is expected to grow by 17% annually in the Chinese market over the next 5 years, compared with 8% in other markets. In the past year, a number of small wineries have received a total of 3 million Australian dollars for the expansion of China and the United States market. Another 10 million Australian dollars into the improvement of local wine tourism facilities, 500 thousand Australian dollars invested in related industrial equipment.
Throughout Australia, there are currently 2468 registered wine producers, including the world’s leading wineries such as rich and Yi, but more of the traditional family style wineries. Australia wine industry for about 3 billion Australian dollars per year, exports 2 billion 300 million Australian dollars, contributing to the local economy output value of 19 billion Australian dollars. The wine industry and related tourism have become an indispensable part of the Australian economy.

Portuguese authorities on 2017 Portuguese wine quality confidence

Portugal is picking grapes early this year, temperatures and droughts have been picking up grapes, Portugal’s morning post reported. Still, Frederico Falcao, President of the grape and wine board, says this year will be a year of excellent wine production.
The chairman of the board of Frederico Falcao grape and Wine on TSF television said in an interview, the end of the grape harvest period there is a period of time, the grape picking is like a raging fire, and the high quality will Wine Portugal in 2017. He added: “grapes have been harvested for the production of white wine, and they are of very good quality.”. This year will be the best year for wine quality in recent years. Although it is not yet time to pick red wine grapes, it is certain that this year will be a year of excellent wine quality.”

Frederico Falcao says this year is a “dysfunctional” year because of its high quality and high yield. At the start of the summer, the grape and wine board expects production to rise by 10% this year, but drought may also affect the forecast. Frederico Falcao stressed that the geographical characteristics of each region will determine the wine performance this year. He said, “is expected to yield about Bairrada and Dao in the central region will increase from 17% to 20%, affected by drought, the yield will be lower than expected in the Alentejo region.”
This year, grape picking started very early, two or three weeks ahead of schedule. No such thing had happened before.
In response, Frederico Falcao said it was affected by the heat. “This spring was very hot, especially in May.”. After that, ushered in high temperatures and droughts”. In some regions of Portugal, in early August started picking grapes, so grape and director of Wine Bureau said it is not normal for a year”.

Hungary Wine Festival kicked off the Buda Castle

According to “new Hungary Herald” reported on August 30th, from 9 to October, the European Grape Festival season officially opened. Hungarian wines are very famous in Europe. The Hungarian people say: “people all over the world like French wine. French people like Hungarian wine.”. Various wine related celebrations and activities began in Hungary to celebrate the annual harvest of grapes. Among them, held in Budapest on September 7th -10 to the Buda Castle on the “Buda Castle Wine Festival” the most exciting, this festival is the biggest festival in Hungary Wine.

timg (2).jpg
As a Wine producing country, Hungary grape growing and wine making history can be traced back to the Celtic in this period, the country with the territory of Eger (Eger), Tokaj (Tokaj), Villani (Villany-siklos), szekszard (Szekszard) 22 Wine region, which enjoys a high reputation in the history of Tokaj wine. There, the top Hungarian wine chambers offer their best wines to visitors. In addition, there are bands playing at the festival and delicious food served with wine.

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